A Dream

from Elche

Founded in 1983, NORDIKAS emerged as an innovative entrepreneurial initiative by two prominent professionals in the footwear industry in the city of Elche.

Initially, we focused on making simple house shoes, but the founders envisioned an untapped market niche where they decided to venture into combining comfort and style in home footwear, giving rise to NORDIKAS' current spirit.

Since 1983

Through intensive research and development, we started creating a new category of home footwear focused on introducing fashion into households. We are committed to excellence and quality, which is reflected in every step of our manufacturing process. From soft and natural materials to ergonomic designs, every detail has been taken care of to provide the most enjoyable comfort experience for your feet.

We Create Moments at Home

We are proud to say that we create footwear exclusively for you, your routine, and the needs of your favourite place in the world: your home.

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