Men's travel slippers 


Are you looking for some men’s travel slippers? Do you want some light, comfortable, designer, fashionable slippers that you can put in your suitcase? And which are made with the best materials? At Nordikas, we have those high quality, Made in Spain, travel slippers you are looking for. Find all types of men's travel slippers that you're looking for. A shop focussed on the comfort of travel slippers, so you can take them wherever you like. In it, you will be able to find the best travel slippers online and buy your chosen models securely.


Finding men’s slippers which match your tastes, your life, your home, your step and your body posture, it’s not an easy task, or quick. When we are looking for this type of quality slippers for demanding feet, we don’t usually make quick decisions.

To do so, we compare, we look, we study and contrast which slipper will go best with our feet during our travels. That's why, at Nordikas, we want to give you a great exclusive and diverse choice. Thanks to the large quantity of models we display, you will be able to cover your needs, whatever they may be, with modern men’s travel slippers online.


We have a huge commitment to you and with quality. Comfort is the base of all of our products. All of our raw materials meet requirements set out by the best shoemakers. We want to be a part of your most comfortable moments on your travels and adventures. Enjoy extra soft lining with great ventilation systems which keep your feet warm, but cool at the same time, thanks to our systems. But don’t forget that you will also have men’s travel slippers with high quality materials. With detachable soles and special shapes for your most special moments.


And of course, we offer you a wide and extensive range of men’s travel slippers. Open, closed, made of velvet, leather, wool, with inner lining, for travelling, and many more features. As you will be able to see, you won’t leave Nordikas without finding your model online.

We remind you that you will have your men’s travel slippers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in our online shop. In addition, you will have them at home in 48 hours*. Our slippers are designed so that they last for many years, so they are also easy to wash. However, they can also get wet. Choose a slipper which is light, flexible, ergonomic, breathable and which absorbs impacts.

Can you ask any more of a travel slipper? Yes, that it’s Made in Spain. We should take on board that the important thing is health, more than design, since a more visual slipper is often less respectful to our feet. But at Nordikas, we also give you the weight of fashion and design for your travels. There are lots of benefits offered by this type of online footwear: A reduction in muscle, joint and back pain - Eliminating the appearance of calluses and corns - Preventing problems with toes - Improving perspiration of the skin of the feet - Extending the lifespan of our footwear - Getting a better cushioning - Avoiding falls, since they use good anti-slip soles - Always using the best materials. For these and many other reasons, we recommend you buy Nordikas travel slippers online.