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  • Piel
  • Light
  • Absorbs impacts
  • Breathable
  • Soft
  • Ergonomics
  • Flexible

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Total Quality is the principle which governs the production processes of our footwear. From the moment they are designed until you wear them, your Nordikas have to go through different and rigorous controls throughout the entire value chain. Leathers, wools, linings, soles and all the components of a Nordikas shoes are chosen for their exceptional quality. Because our philosophy and objective is to offer you total quality and comfort inside and outside of the home.


  • Instep Leather
  • Cover Leather
  • Sole Rubber
  • Plant Leather

Care and maintenance

Keeping the natural beauty of your Nordikas for years is easy. Our models can get wet, but it isn't a good idea to subject them to the aggressive action of a washing machine, or to leave them to dry in the sun.


Velvet models

Softly clean with sandpaper or a brush with fine and stiff bristles, then they can be washed with mild soap and cold water, if needed.


Leather models

Clean with a slightly damp cloth and leave them to dry, then cover them with translucent cream. Leave the cream to dry and rub with a dry cloth.


Fabric models

Hand wash, with mild detergent and cold water.


Inner linings

Softly rub with a damp sponge with mild detergent and cold water.